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When we decided to buy or build a home that would see us into our retirement years, we were drawn to the Bridges development, largely because of its location and convenience to virtually everything that we needed, as well as the overall quality of the development. We arranged to meet with Jim Andrews to discuss building a home in the development. First and foremost, Jim wanted to ensure that whatever we built was going to meet our current and projected needs. We discussed a basic layout for what we had imagined and dreamed of for our new home. Jim and his team worked with us to create and produce a design that we were very happy with and which fell within our budget. The layout was re-worked several times in order to make sure that the final design was exactly what we wanted, and Jim's creative flair helped to make the process go smoothly. But it didn't stop there. During the course of construction, new and imaginative ideas were presented and implemented into the plan. Jim and his team built us a home that is original, innovative and unique to the development, and suits our needs perfectly. It is a home that we are very proud of. Everyone that we have had visit our home has been very complimentary of the design and the quality of construction. We are very happy to be part of the Bridges community and working with Jim and Joe has made the whole experience an extremely positive one.
Roy and Barb Bertram
My family used to go camping every other weekend just to get away from town for a few days. However, now that we have moved into Bridges, we no longer have the desire to get out of town. I tell people "why do I want to go camping when I have my own Oasis here at Bridges!". I feel like I'm in paradise everytime I look out into my back yard and the green space. I can't say enough about my home, my neighbourhood, the developers/builders/sales staff - it is all so positive.
roland and carrie weeks
Buying property and building a home can be a very stressful experience. Jim Andrews his team go out of their way to make the process a pleasant procedure. The entire group makes it feel like a family affair. Jim is a master at designing the needs and wants of each unique individual, while maintaining the plan and integrity of the heritage development. The team’s special combination has made purchasing and building a pleasurable experience for us.
bob and connie brown
My wife, Jessie, and I were originally attracted to the Bridges at Glenview Pond development by its central location. We had recently sold our acreage, and wanted to relocate as close as possible to my office, the lake, the cultural district, downtown, shopping and golf. We also wanted our new home to involve as little maintenance as possible. On a whim, immediately after viewing a house in another area, we dropped in to the Bridges show home. Jessie and I outlined what we were looking for, and in their friendly, knowledgeable way, the Valux homes team quickly pointed out that it was all right there, in the show home. Not only did the show home have everything we were looking for, once they had explained all its features, it was clearly and by far the best value for money we had found. So we bought it. Well, anyway, we started the process. At that point, our realtor, Steve Samuels, began negotiating on our behalf with Jim Andrews. Steve was impressed, as were we, with Jim’s professionalism and his cooperative approach to dealing with some of the thorny aspects of our transaction, like HST. Once all the details were agreed, our purchase closed smoothly and, under Jim’s supervision, the Bridges crew made the few changes we requested in short order. As smooth and comfortable as the sales process was, though, what has impressed Jessie and me most is the after-sale service we have received from both Joe and Jim. We’ve bought new homes in the past, including one other show home, but never experienced anything remotely like the care and attention we’ve received from Jim and Joe after the sale closed. Jim and Joe have been extremely helpful – and patient - as we have gone through the process of adapting to our new home. The whole process, from our initial meeting through negotiations and our move has been flawless. We’ve lived here for three months, and our new home is everything we had hoped it would be – and much more.
paul johnson
Dear Joe and Jim: We want to take this opportunity to express how much we appreciated your patience and expertise as we worked through the process of deciding where we wanted to build our home. There are many choices in Kelowna as to where one can build a home. Having lived for many years in the South Kelowna, Upper Mission area, we decided it was time to make a change as our lifestyle had changed with our becoming empty nesters and other personal interests now getting our attention. As we toured new developments, met land developers and builders, we realized the advantages living centrally would provide. The initial information you provided was both detailed and informative. We didn't feel pressured to make an immediate decision, yet you maintained contact with us, responding quickly and thoroughly. We were very impressed when you offered to come to our home to get a real feel for our personal tastes and lifestyle. On touring our home you had a strong sense of what we wanted to accomplish in building a home that would likely last us well into our retirement years. You then proceeded to have initial floor plan drafts done and suitable building lots selected that would fit within our budget. You did this knowing we were also looking at another development in the near vicinity and also talking with the developer and a builder there as well. Ultimately, our decision to move forward with a home in the Bridges development was based on your knowledge of what we wanted and your desire to ensure we achieved our goals within our budget. Once that decision was finalized you then devoted yourself to making sure the plans were detailed to our liking, answering our questions patiently and knowledgeably. When it became evident out first lot choice wouldn't quite work for the house plan we had designed, you then worked to put us into a more suitable lot, that not only suited the house plan better, but our lifestyle as well. Your imagination and guidance suited us well as fine tuning to the original plan was accomplished without any fuss on your part, encouraging us to ensure we would have a finished home that would suit us for many years. As construction got underway, you maintained contact to ensure the home would be finished on time and on budget. The other thing we really appreciated, even before our home was completed, was in the way you started developing a sense of community with the new residents. This was accomplished by having a neighbourhood fund raiser and community get together with the duck race down the creek from the upper pond to the lower pond. This further confirmed our belief that we had indeed built in the right development, as we got to know our new neighbours and made new friends. We have now been in our new home for nearly a year. We absolutely love it and the location. Your overall consultative process made this all possible for us.
elton and jane ash
Now that we have been living in our home for the past 1 year let me take this opportunity to tell you first-hand what a pleasure it has been to deal with qualified builders' from Valux Homes Ltd. Right from the onset when we met Jim Andrews and Joe Rood; we felt very welcomed and at peace. They were very understanding of the fact that this was our very first purchase of a house and also kept in mind of our budget consciousness. From the design phase right up until the completion date the building process exceeded our overall satisfaction. The quality of their work was evident to us before signing the contract, as we were able to view other homes in the neighbourhood that they had built. We also talked to the owners of these homes and found that they were generally pleased with their building experiences. At every stage of the building process, we can attest to the quality of construction and attention to detail that we had hoped to experience. Joe and Jim have had an open communication with us, we have never hesitated to phone them and they have never failed to solve our issues. This has proven to be true not only before or during but even after the house was completed. They have always responded to our concerns in a prompt and respectful manner. We appreciate that they had our very best interests at heart. They helped us to make decisions that ensured that our money has been spent wisely. They even told us at times not to spend money on certain items that were not affordable and ensuring us to stay on budget. From the beginning we have felt comfortable in their hands with their breadth of building expertise as well as their sound and fair business sense. Builders, Joe and Jim are very professional and a pleasure to deal with. They always received our calls in a positive manner, and addressed our concerns in a timely fashion, which served to strengthen our builder/client relationship. When you are investing your time and money in your future home, this is important aspect in having the above relationship. People often ask us, how was your building experience and we tell them, we'll do it all over again as long as Jim and Joe are building it, and we truly mean it. We wholeheartedly recommend the entire team of Valux Homes Ltd. to anyone looking to build a home in the Okanagan with the least amount of stress and looking for quality craftsmanship.
arif and rafat moledina

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